chana chicken

Chana Chicken Masala (How To Make A Spicy & Hearty Curry!)

If you love chicken and chickpeas, you’ll definitely love this chana chicken recipe! This spicy, creamy, and hearty dish is easy to make and any leftovers taste even better the next day. A big serving of this chicken and chickpea curry along with rice and carrot poriyal, now that’s my idea of heaven!

goan green chicken curry

Goan Green Chicken Curry (Easy To Make & Antioxidant-Rich!)

If you’re craving a mild yet flavorful and aromatic curry, this Goan green chicken curry is exactly what you need! This vibrant curry is made with a variety of spices, fresh green herbs, green chilies, and shredded coconut. It’s mild, easy to make, and super yummy – a winner on all fronts!

air fryer breaded chicken wings

Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings (Healthy & Crispy Wings!)

Who doesn’t love crispy on the outside, tender on the inside chicken wings? These air fryer breaded chicken wings deliver exactly that! These breaded chicken wings in air fryer are a lighter version of the deep-fried alternative, but it’s certainly not a lightweight when it comes to flavor. Crispy and delicious, these wings definitely pack a punch.

potato tikka masala

Chicken and Potato Tikka Masala

This chicken and potato tikka masala recipe is perfect for a weekend lunch with family and friends. It’s creamy, luxurious, and extremely yummy. You can whip up this crowd-pleaser in under an hour, and trust me, this labor of love is sooo worth it!